OHC Club Membership


Ontario Home Care Service Inc. (OHCS) helps you to save your precious time and money on all renovations & repair projects.

Become the Ontario Home Care Club Member and SAVE !!

OHC Club basic membership fee is $29.99/month (plus HST). If you have an OHC Club membership when any services are provided, there is no visiting fee; you only have to pay the service fee for the job to be done. However, for non-members, the visiting fee is approximately $89 (plus HST) per visit. Membership is not compulsory but recommended. OHC Club membership brings privileges and preferred services to its members for HEATING-COOLING (HVAC), PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL & HANDYMAN

 FREE Duct Cleaning Once a Year
 FREE Furnace Filter upto 1 inch thick Once a Year
 FREE Battery Replacement smoke Alarms
 REBATE for six months for first time members
 Unlimited visit calls,
 Reno Audit* (once a year),
 Home History
 DISCOUNT on Labour
 Collect Reno Points* redeemable for any renovation or services obtained as per company’s policy & subject to Terms & Conditions.

*Reno Audit & Reno Points are the exclusive offerings of OHCSI available only to OHC Club Members.

 Basic Membership Regular $29.99 

Membership Inquires